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This is my last entry as supermarcello. This blog has served me well since March of 2004 (I think). I created it while I was on the phone flirting with Lindsay. I liked her a lot back then. It was supposed to be "superdude1984" or something, but that name was taken and we laughed at that. armsgravy was great, although I do not remember when I created it. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the inanities of your everyday lives and will continue to do so if you will befriend me again. This journal has taken me from half way through my last quarter as a sophomore to half way through my first quarter as a senior here at the UW. How about that.

Interestingly, the first three people I have befriended on my new journal are all named "Lauren".
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I am thinking of abandoning this journal. All of my current friends will be refriended by my new moniker if I decide to do this. Starting over again creates new conditions of creative and emotive possibility (or, perhaps, impossibility). Much like one buys a new composition book at the stationary store for the pleasure of recording - without the burden of memory or history - I will perhaps start anew. I will not delete the posts of this journal. In retrospect, deleting all of the posts I made as armsgravy yielded no deep sense of satisfaction. If I choose to abandon this journal I will not announce the arrival of a new avatar. Instead, you will quietly discover an additional name on your "FRIENDS OF" (or I will just leave a nice comment on your most recent post).
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Earlier this week I started to feel a tickling sensation in my throat, a malady that persisted despite lots of water and Sudafed. I told Adam that I fully expected to lose my voice by the end of the week. Sure enough, my prediction came true. I woke up and sounded like a frog. However, it's starting to get better and I think I can recover well enough for my noon set. I'll play Eric's thing next week.

edit: I think I have been late for every single show this quarter. I really need to start improving my attendance.
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Honoring Eric on the Radio

Okay. I am playing stuff for Eric tomorrow. Please listen in between 11 AM to NOON (additionally, you can listen to the hour afterwards, but that's an hour devoted to local music). It will be pretty low-key. To listen in, you can click RIGHT HERE. The rest of the website has all our contact info if you want to call in and share (I might let you on air). If you miss it tomorrow, you can catch the archived show on the main page (it's up for the week after broadcast).
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It just hit me:

What the fuck am I doing after graduation?

edit: okay, I still don't know, but I do know that I am seeing The Most Serene Republic in less than two weeks and I am so fucking stoked
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more songs

A track off Time to Fly's album "Birth.Work.Death." entitled "Things You Don't Need to Know". I listened to this album a lot in high school. Listening to it now is mostly nostalgic, although it's still a rock-out worthy album. More than once I've been caught singing, "400 yen is not enough to begin..."

The most bizarre track off new The Fiery Furnaces album "Rehearsing my Choir" is called "A Candymaker's Knife in my Handbag". Kooky vocals and instrumentals, although I can't help but find some delight in their idiosyncracy.

"Oh (God)", a track from The Most Serene Republic's wonderful record "Underwater Cinematographer", is at once arresting with its naked bizarro gloss but also surprisingly tender in its sensitively layered vocals.
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Tentatively, the set list for Eric will be:

"Angeles" by Elliott Smith
"One" by Aimee Mann
"sleeping in" by postal service
"Dear Prudence" by The Beatles
"Blizzard of 77" by Nada Surf
"When You Sleep" by My Bloody Valentine
"Too Young" by Phoenix
"another day" by Air
"Falling Man" by Blonde Redhead
"Disintegration Loops #3" by William Basinski

is this okay?
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One of the biggest complaints I have had thus far with LUElinks was that it insisted I change my password into something less guessable, and therefore harder for me to remember. I changed it a few weeks ago so they would stop threatening me. Today, I tried logging on. I typed in so many different combinations that the system refused to accept any more attempts and has temporarily suspended me. The worst part? I can't even go back and change my password using the main interface (the one that demands you prove your GameFAQs membership), because - and once again, a major glitch - I was forced to change my password and username when GFAQs was bought out. So now, I can't even PROVE that I'm a LUEser to get back into LUElinks. For Christ's sake.

Also, did anyone else see this? It's actually quite fascinating. Whoever made it managed to take gleanings from Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" and completely transform it into a late 70's Hal Ashby bourgeois family dramedy (a good thing), with the aid of tools like the predictable voice-over narration, the theme from American Beauty, and an altered version of Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" (A song I have loved since I was a kid, although I have to admit that it's such a...Cameron Crowe song; Crowe ended up using it for the "Vanilla Sky" soundtrack)

edit: success! I remembered the password. also, that "trailer" for "Shining" - the "the" article no doubt intentionally dropped - is still uproarious
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roommate search

Dear Livejournal,

An era is coming to an end. One of my beloved roommates, Adam, will be moving elsewhere in Seattle. It will be sad to see him leave, but life must go on.

Noah and I will remain in the apartment, and we are beginning our search for a third roommate today. Our apartment is in lower queen anne, and the newcomer will have their very own room with a large closet. Rent is a little over 300 dollars a month. That's right, only a little over 300 dollars (after utilities it comes to around 350).

We are clean, quiet roommates with no criminal histories, no wives (or girlfriends, for that matter), and we have a ping pong table.

Adam has expressed interest in moving out as soon as another person can move in. In order to respect his desires for haste, Noah and I would prefer - but this is by no means required - someone to move in ASAP.